I miss David Gibbs

From 2014

. Luck was a Cougar
On average, a team will recover about 50 percent of all fumbles in a given season. Houston recovered 63 percent of all fumbles (27 of 43) in 2013.

On average, a team will intercept one pass for every four it breaks up in a given season. Houston intercepted almost one for every two (25 interceptions, 55 PBUs) in 2013.

On average, a team will throw one interception for every four it has broken up in a given season. Houston threw one for every 7.6 (10 interceptions, 76 break-ups).

Going by averages, Houston’s turnover margin should have been somewhere in the neighborhood of plus-3 or plus-4 last season. It was plus-25. The difference works out to about eight points per game.

Pick your adverb. Houston was absurdly, insanely, hilariously, incomprehensibly lucky last year when it came to the bouncing of a pointy football.


Gibbs’ D had an identity. He was awesome here


how was he at tech? lol…people forget last years defense was fantastic by every metric. Hopefully we can find some of that going forward.


Luck or just superior talent showing on the big plays that seem to matter more?

Seems to me on the defensive side of the football our Coogs have plenty of natural talent that shines on big plays. They seem to falter on the routine stuff which would seem to be an issue with coaching.

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I miss last year’s defense more than any of the defenses Gibbs put on the field. It’s normal to take a step back when you lose a lot of NFL talent and suffer some injuries. I’m happy with how the defense played in the bowl game. Let’s see how we look next year with a different group of players.


seems to me the D-line and LBs played pretty well. Most of our problems seems to have been at the corners and safeties. Pass defense was terrible.

Didn’t seem like we covered TEs in the Red Zone at all


We did not and this is not new. Gotta to improve on it ASAP. That goes with a major improvement on our DL.

Decent coach but I don’t miss him.

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Undefeated as a (interim) Head Coach. 1-0 in bowl games.


Not just tight ends. Also running backs who delay or feign a block and then move out in the flat.


When Belk’s defenses were good they were good. When they were not good they were painful.

When Gibbs’s defenses were good they were exhilarating and at times mesmerizing. When they were not good they were exciting.

The sports business is showbusiness. Winning matters the most, but somewhere after that is putting on a good show.

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