I miss Orlando

Can we trade both Appleass and coach D’ohno for him???

I do too. He should have been hc all along.

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Here’s a golden prediction. Tulsa will make adjustments, Coach D’ohno will not!, tell me I’m wrong.


Getting tired of these threads, he left, get over it. UT will have similar threads next year we he leaves there. No body knows if he is a good HC yet


Willing to bet money he will become a better hc than applefraud

Not very high of a bar to set for him

No thanks I DON’T … he has the best defensive talent in the state on the 40 acres and he is only fair to Midland with them …

He ran outa gas here … he will run outa gas in Austin … but we will see this Saturday

That will be a very emotional game for BOTH TEAMS … both sides will be PUMPED!!!


Your wrong


Spilled milk. Get over it . . . . .