I put this challenge out to my Coog friends on FB this AM... I hope it catches on


I really hope this catches on… it would nice to see the Athletics Department get a little windfall right before the season starts. Timing is right… season about to start, Big12 decision pending in the next few weeks!

Challenge you friends :beers:

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That is great! Let’s get the challenge going!

Go Coogs!

Put this challenge up to your friends… #Big12 challenge. 12 pushup a day for 12 days and nominate 12 friends (one person a day). OR give $12 a day for 12 days = $144, to Cougar Pride.

We all know at least one Coogfan or someone who attended UH who doesn’t give a dime. This is a simple way to call them out… We are going to need funds if we want to play with the big boys! Time for EVERYONE to step up to the plate. I know that everyone who posts on this board is active & involved… I’m suggesting that WE go after our social media friends who are not as involved. Getting into the Big12 won’t be the end of the story… we’re going to need to be able to continue to compete at that level. That means involved alums and DONORS.
Any amount helps!!! Let’s do this #GoCoogs

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