I Think Oliver Luck Deserves Some Kudos As Well

President Khator got us here, thank you! Oliver Luck certainly helped as well. I believe without Luck’s two cents… we may have been on the outside looking in.

If we are handing out kudos, then I’ll accept mine for sitting through dimel and Helton.


Me too. That’s the cougar faithful


I personally hope Bowlsby retires soon and Luck replaces him.

Luck would be a great “forward thinking” commissioner.


I thought his football coaching was awful but the love coach had it going on with the counseling on the radio…should’ve had his own reality Tv show

I expect some kudos for passing through the Robertson turnstiles multiple times for “attendance purposes.”


This is not insider information. I would call it insider rumor mongering. One of the parents of my son’s former boy scout troop used to be a neighbor of Mack. They became good friends. This guy is an old school texas football fan. Meaning he roots for all the Texas teams and has no affiliation with any. I don’t think he went to college. He actually started rooting hard for UH while he and Mack were neighbors.

Anyway, it is his opinion that Mack still thinks highly of UH and has a lot of close friends in the UH community. IF that is true then it might not have been a bad thing for him to be on the B12 expansion committee.

I guess it doesn’t matter now but its interesting to wonder about.

[Not discounting Luck’s input - which was probably helpful.]

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Don’t discount the selfless hard work of Pearland1