'I think we ran out of gas with four minutes to go in the second quarter,'' Houston coach Dana Holgorsen said

Wait, what ??

that was the beginning of the downslide. Two FG’s when we should have had 2 TD’s then not much after that.

It was pretty clear when we went from running down the field and scoring twice to running down the field and stalling shortly thereafter



His statement implies poor conditioning to me and that seems to be they case all year along with generally awful second half adjustments or lack thereof


Unfortunately, the best bet in football the last 5 or 6 weeks was to bet against the Coogs + the points in the second half.


poor conditioning is no doubt part of it but depth and experience are also big factors. Weren’t a number of those guys on the O line freshmen?

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Experience feeds all those factors. Physical conditioning is just part of developing the mental conditioning to push through. Knowing what adjustments look like enables one to make adjustments. Time played together enables trust in teammates to adjust and perform together. A few months while college classes are also going on is a really tight schedule to implement nearly from scratch.


Poor conditioning? Are you saying that we have the second coach in a row that does not care
very much? I hope not. We have $200,000,000 invested in the stadium, even though there are no restrooms on the third tier!


Strength and conditioning has been a persistent issue.

Running out of energy in the second quarter is more substantial than just that, though.


When you only have so many players, then yes, you run out of gas.

Rather than focus on the negative, I see a team that despite everything battles to the end.


Agreed. Our kids have heart. We just need more of them. It looked like the Memphis traveling team brought more players than we had.

Paul true freshman, Freeman red shirt frosh, Wooten Sophomore but first year playing in two years.