I Want to Beat the Attendance for Texas

I would love to beat the attendance for Texas for Iowa St. and Kansas. Is that too much to ask? Kansas is on a Saturday. We should make it a challenge to the fans.


There was very little orange in FC yesterday. I suspect Kansas fans more willing to drop $$$ on secondary market tickets for game in Houston vs UT.


I think for the Kansas game it will depend on whether or not it is for a Big 12 title which is yet to be determined, big games in between, Iowa St, at Baylor etc etc

The fans won’t necessarily be why we can’t/don’t. You can only fit so many people in the place.

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In the upper deck directly behind the Coogs players bench, I’ve noticed in the last several games that the very back row has ALWAYS been almost entirely empty. Great place for SRO people to sneak up there and sit in luxury.

You can’t sneak into club area easily.

It’s not the club downstairs. I said the upper deck.

Ah, not really luxury but much better than not having a seat.