I want Will Stein - Oregon OC

If you meant Coach Orgeron and not Oregon, I’m totally with you. He would put UH football back in the spotlight. Geaux Coogs!

With respect, USC did NOT lose Pete Carrol. Carrol left town one step ahead of a NCAA colonoscopy.

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UH is ahead of Oklahoma State in the Big 12 rankings


but a few spots behind them in the national rankings, which doesn’t make sense. Baylor was #37, ahead of UH by an average of one point per recruit. Point is that these schools are essentially in the same boat. There’s very little difference between 30-50 in the rankings. I mean UH was ahead of Iowa, NC State, Pitt, etc.


but I doubt anyone would claim UH’s class was clearly superior to those schools.

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Gonna hate basketball soon too. Texas poached UH and Baylor recruits with NIL money.


…and this is the core of our problem.
I thought about the recruiting ranking under CDH. To say is abysmal is an under statement. The next captain obvious question is NIL related.
What plan do we have in place to put us on the NIL map?
This is the question that I want to hear from duarte, Baldwin and everybody else covering our school.
Can Fertitta create a way to have the Landry’s empire be part of our NIL while obeying the corrupt ncaa rules. I get it we can’t have a UH player endorsing a casino.
How many U of H donors that are related to a potential NIL deal?
I am sure every National contender has a specific “team” NIL team to generate as much NIL interest as possible.
Regarding Stein I am all for it.

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But Codie didn’t commit to us, did he?

No but he was supposedly going to until UT came in late with NIL $$$.


Getting back to the topic, wouldn’t other programs be grabbing him this year? If what recently was posted about Dana coming back next year, Will may already be settled somewhere.

I’d assume the same. Otherwise it’s hard to guarantee those amounts to players. It would be neat if we could get Landry’s in.

Absolutely. Which is why I want Dana gone now. I think other P5 schools that are similar in size to UH and then G5 schools are probably looking at him. Schools like A&M likely wouldn’t hire an OC as their HC, because they can pay people $100M. We need to get on it after the UCF game.

Will has to be on the list of candidates.

Finished #2 offense this year, co- OC and QB coach at UTSA last year, worked at lake Travis high school and UT for some time. He is the man.


He coached very possibly the best QB in college football, so is he a great OC or does Oregon have great talent?

Well, I can’t definitively answer that because we never saw Oregon without Bo Nix, but UTSA’s offense ranked #14 in the country when he was OC last year. Frank Harris is still there, they now rank 39. Still good, but Will made some kind of difference. He was promoted quickly at UTSA.

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I what Will Stein, he’s young and innovative. He’s only 34!

We need that kind of vision and innovation to bring UH to its full potential, plus… can we all agree it would be GREAT for UH to have fun high scoring offenses again?

I’m fine with Will Stein or Traylor, but vote Will Stein


I’m with it. Just hope that he would eye us as a place to win a title rather than a stepping stone to greener pastures.

Is this the guy who was the OC at Kentucky when Will Levis was there?

I’d imagine if UT or TAMU came calling he’d be gone.


I doubt either of those schools will consider a UH coach again for years, and Sark is in good shape plus Aggy is just hiring someone.