I wish I could monetize your misery

Maybe a startup providing psychotherapy for the “delusional fanbase syndrome” that results after a loss.

Coach termination insurance, whereby we provide coverage that will allow psychotic fanbases to buyout the contracts of coaches after a loss. Pay your premiums, fire the coach every year.

Defamation counseling, where we teach lunatic fans to disparage kids while avoiding legal liability.

There has to be a buck I can make off this.



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You wouldn’t make much off our fan base. Now A$M and TU? :thinking: :rofl:

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Our fan base would want to fire you after a couple of weeks.


I don’t get why another thread was started to speak of our fans.

There may have been a few over the top comments but for the most part the fans were justified in their criticism.( I guarantee our fans would run in the back of the pack in terms “delusional fan bases” if compared to other fan bases.)

I have been a UH fan my entire life and have supported multiple teams in multiple sports with my attendance and with monetary donations.
If I want to call BS on things I have seen three weeks in a row I will do so….doesn’t mean I’m delusional or psychotic.


Or at least wait until there is a free-trial period.

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I think our fanbase gets upset easily is bc it’s like the Bruce Springsteen song , they struggled working jobs and had it tough so then anything else negative, they go crazy bc they are worn out from past struggles.

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Ironically, popping up after 7 months just to insult folks is something a miserable person would do.

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I mean someone can start a YouTube channel called CoogFans TV and have fans rant after every loss to rack up views.
Just need to get some fans personality and watch it get big.

Now you are on to somthing.
You could use the same person wearing the jersey of the defeated team for every team sport you can think off yes cricket included. WE ALL SUFFER EQUALLY WHEN WE LOSE. That’s the beauty and ugliness of sport.

There is “criticism” and there is criticism that comes across like our defense, downright ugly . . . . .

So out of all of this criticism by fans…… the head coach says he needs better players……
I think that has much more meaning in terms of criticism than anything a fan has said.

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