"I wish I was with her" - The Athletic's take on impacts to G5

Another good article from The Athletic. Interesting look at what happens to our underdog brethren in the G5. Obviously AAC is in the best position of all G5 right now. The other leagues are really just watching and waiting.

As far as Houston is concerned, this article indicates that the Texas Big 12 teams aren’t interested in raising the profile and competitiveness of UH and SMU. Sounds like UC and UCF are the most attractive to Big 12.

In summary, this article is a great reminder of the importance of the move we made from CUSA to the Big East/AAC.

Not liking the idea of the AAC getting raided and we’re not one of the teams. I trust our leadership not to let us get left behind


Literally the worst case scenario…for every AAC team and why AAC teams are more likely to bolt to B12 than the other way around.


I think we have get past any bitterness we have towards these teams and bite the bullet. It could bring back some old rivalries with some mew passion.


THIS is the reason I don’t trust BU, TCU & TTU. They don’t want the competition. OSU and the KS schools are likely just as fearful of a UH on a level field.

Same as it ever was…


“Baylor, TCU, and Texas Tech would rather not add Houston or SMU and therefore raise the profile and competition with two more Texas schools.”

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Yesterday a number of people here had us just a phone call away from the PAC 12. Today we don’t know if we will be left behind again in a depleted AAC. This feels familiar… gotta :rofl: rather then :sob:.


We are gonna screw the pooch again? I hope not

The yuge question is whether the AAC would still be the premier G5 conference without UCF and Cincinnati. In that case do you , reconfigure, shed some teams, and go aggressively at Boise State, BYU and San Diego state.

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BYU isn’t jumping into that, but yes they should go hard in that scenario to expand coast to coast. Add 4-5 out west to lock in as the 6th best conference. If the AAC loses 4 teams, the MWC teams probably wont jump over and would claim the be the better conference.

I think the B12 would like nothing better than to kill the AAC…and UH along with it.

If the above comes to pass, then yeah, AAC has no choice but to move to a structural reconfig.

I wonder if we would have any leverage in trying to entice WVA to keep them honest…probably not at this point.

And we have ppl here keep talking about AAC pouching B12 schools. Wishful thinking. We should be worried about B12 taking AAC schools without us.


Or for that matter, ANY P4 conference where UH & the B12 remnants might be in play for expansion. I believe B12 will do everything they can to have UH excluded.

With the talk of Kansas leaving now gone, the new reality is the remaining teams are sticking together

I posted this on the hoops board several days ago, but if that happens we should do whatever we can to protect hoops. If the BE was an option for hoops we should do that regardless of what it means for football.

That said, this is one guy and who knows where he’s getting his info or how fresh it is. Ultimately ESPN/Fox are going to decide who is part of a reconfigured Big 12.

It would also be interesting to see Tech/Baylor/TCU cry to the legislature about the impact on the state with UT leaving while also blocking us from joining the Big 12.

My guess is we’re out if the Big 12 backfills with 2 and we’re in if it’s more than 2. I don’t think SMU gets in at all.

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This is the reason why they refused to allow UH to join the Big12-2 on the last expansion voting by the conference members — because of the fear that by allowing UH to play on a level playing field as them it would bolster UH’s profiles and it would take away their recruits! But at the same time not expanding and allowing teams such as UH in is probably the biggest reason why UT and OU chose to leave the conference since having only 10 teams makes the conference weak and uncompetitive on the football field. Having such a small number of teams located in only five states also makes the BIg12-2 football games boring to watch since the rest of the nation has little interest in teams that are located only in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, and West Virginia.

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I think BYU wants to join a conference now. Whether that’s the Big 12 or AAC

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They left because an adjusted/new SEC deal will bring them over $60 million per year by 2025. I know we’d move if we were playing a HS schedule. That is real money.

But here the concern isn’t value or anything like that; it’s fear of competition, which should be a selling point to the PAC 12. If that doesn’t work out then hopefully we move to the Big 12 or stay in a strengthened AAC.

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People reacting to every writer’s speculation like a pinball in a Kiss pinball machine. The Atlantic especially is full of homers and biases. I like The Atlantic, it’s just comprised of mostly beat writers

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