I wonder if TDECU naming rights deal will be affected

I wonder if this new XFL type exposure is already an additional opportunity clause included in the 10 year naming rights deal or if this could bring on any chance for renegotiation?

The XFL is going to bring a tremendous increase in SPRING TIME exposure for TDECU that wasn’t a part of the landscape when the original deal was negotiated. However, if significant year round events and other league seasons is already a part of their naming rights deal, this is a HUGE WIN for TDECU in terms of return on investment.

Whoever struck that deal for TDECU is going to get a raise!

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Yep, they’re benefitting right now with the XFL discussion, which is free publicity…boom! I would imagine if Robertson attracted other sports (Dynamo), they would have had the foresight to think that someone else would come calling.

I wonder if there will be any stadium improvements from the XFL

Who negotiates those things?

I wonder if there will be a XFL game before talks about financial backing issues are circulated

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Will the XFL have “No Rules”…like they falsely promised years ago, then files after rules??! What will make it different from MFL football this time other that names like “he hate me” on the back???..

I hope they won’t be tearing into our field turf to brand for the XFL team. Would hate to see the seams and cut-outs you can see on some of the fields across multi-use facilities.

Oh here we go. Wahhhhhhh!

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TDECU paid $15M over 10 years. They have an option to extend 5 more years at $7.5M.

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I wouldn’t. They have a higher probability of landing more money elsewhere rather than extending. If it was possible to restructure the deal then that should be a primary point in the discussions.

Who has the option to extend? We do or TDECU does?

I sure hope it’s OUR option.

It’s our option to force them to pay $7.5M to us???

Uh, no.

It’s their option to spend an additional $7.5M. This was negotatiated years ago.

By the way, $1.5M per year was extremely high at the time for football naming rights. It’s still a heckuva good deal for us.

Moreover, TDECU has been a great partner to us. You don’t screw over good business partners for a couple of extra bucks. What’s wrong with you people?


We have one of the largest naming rights deals in all of college football. What is not reported in this chart is our deal is all cash where as some such as NTSU Apogee Stadium have a large in kind donation to make the total.

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I didn’t say screw them I said restructure deal as in to wait for the 10 years. Theres only what? 6 years left? Even so seeing what your market would pay after the 10 years is smart. Unless they talk extensions in year 9.

Unless something changed dramatically, TDECU has a five year deal with a gentleman’s agreement for the added five at the end of the first contract.