I would like to give credit to

the originator of the term “HTown-Lockdown”.I first saw it used with recent football commits by our current Coaching Staff . Was it Coach Fritz himself that started it ? Does anyone else have any ideas as to source of the hashtag ? Please comment if you do .
HTown-Lockdown …it is all ours !
Go coogs !

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I think it was pearland.




Well, he did coach in Huntsville for a while.


I love the saying because it can apply to both football and basketball!

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I believe it’s the reverse of what OP states.



Hmmm…I’m undecided which way sounds best…but yeah it has a certain
vibe to it. As stated, could be used by BB or FB. Hope it catches on.


“H-Town” = weak

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Tomball ,
I love our University and hope this or some version of this hashtag would catch on . The phrase HTown has been around a long time and is used frequently . I feel it has legs and could work.
If anyone has any constructive suggestions for this or another tag ,it would help .
Go HTown Coogs !

Thanks Cougaren, I as you love our University and feel like the hashtag Htown Lockdown or Hashtag Lockdown HTown will find the legs and take off! I feel like when it does take off it will be around for a long while! Go #Lockdown Coogs!

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Thank you Tomball .

Let’s see if HTown-Lockdown really works with next year’s recruitment.

Go Coogs !

Is there a possibility of putting “H-Town” on Uniforms as emphasis on a particularly important game?


Coogtown or Coogerville . . . . .

So we’d be this

Might help recruiting

Cougar town lol

RIP Matthew Perry