I would like to thank UT

We don’t have a rivalry with UT; you have to play someone to have a rivalry with them. You don’t need to play them to hate them though.


Guess it depends on what you define as a “rivalry”. In terms of times played we’ve played Memphis more. Wet seen to have developed a healthy hatred for them too.

Listen I get it we all hate Texas to some degree. And most of us delight in their misery. But calling someone we haven’t played in 20 years cannot be considered a rival.


Thanks for the memories. OH! Wrong response to this thread. Never mind​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Sell the ****ing land…


BTW, about the thread title; I am not going to ever thank UT for anything.


Sell it, you vermin!!!


I thank them for hastily jumping to the SEC. Big 12 here we come.


Doesn’t a rivalry have to work both ways?

Just because we hate Texas doesn’t mean they reciprocate the feeling.

to quanseeker…You are sooo right…we shouldn’t even be talking about ut. ENOUGH…the more we talk about them the more credence we give them… Let’s drop 'em like a bad habit!!


Only if we say something nice about them. We just keep filling in the dirt on top of them in the hole they dug for themselves where they currently reside.

I have been around tu long enough to dislike them plenty. I had one of their fans who is a family member stare me straight in the face and clearly state “we are coming to take your coach and there is nothing you can do about it”. That is just one example of many so I’m ok with my healthy hate.

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Karma is a beach baby! Cause and effect. It’s real for individuals as well as groups. Get back in spades the energy you put out.

I would like to thank the university of Texas — FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!


We should change the change this to “I would like to tank UT”

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Thank you UT for getting us in the big12 and for going where you will struggle to win

It’s a win win for us

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Sell the “freekin” land!


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