Ideally, what system do you want to see UH run?

All this talk about what is happening offensively and defensively got me to thinking what CoogFans really want. So, I ask this: In an ideal world, what schemes would you want?


  • Air Raid
  • Run Spread
  • Pass Spread
  • Triple-option
  • Pro-Style
  • Briles’ Offense

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  • 3-4 Attacking (sometimes gives up the big play - a la Orlando)
  • 3-4 Containment (keeps everything in front of you and avoids the big play, locks down in the Red Zone)
  • 4-2-5 (Let the DBs and Safeties do the work)
  • 4-3 (Stop the run and go man-to-man - we have the athletes for it)

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If I had to choose, Air Raid and 3-4 attacking. If Kingsbury is dismissed this year and I was Major, you open your checkbook even if he makes as much as you and hire him in a heartbeat to run our offense and tell him to bring Gibbs with him to run our defense. One could dream…


I am actually shocked that there is more consensus on the defense than the offense.

Because i dont really understand to much about systems because i didnt grow up playing football and ive been watching it for 10 years with basic concepts i decided to write for every one here who is in the same boat as me because i want to learn.

Air Raid: The system is designed out of a shotgun formation with four wide receivers and one running back. The formations are a variation of the run and shoot offense with two outside receivers and two inside slot receivers. The offense also uses trips formations featuring three wide receivers on one side of the field and a lone single receiver on the other side.

Pass Spread or Run Spread : Despite the multi-receiver sets, the spread option is a run-first scheme that requires a quarterback that is comfortable carrying the ball, a mobile offensive line that can effectively pull and trap, and receivers that can hold their blocks. Its essence is misdirection.

Pro Style : A pro-style offense in American football is any offensive scheme that resembles those predominantly used at the professional level of play in the National Football League (NFL), in contrast to those typically used at the collegiate or high school level. … This formation often eschews a FB for a third WR or a second TE.

The Triple option : is an American football scheme used to offer several ways to move the football forward on the field of play. The triple option is based on the option run, but uses three players who might run with the ball instead of the two used in a standard option run.

On offense i like pro style just because KA and DK would both fit that scheme extending plays and making the precision passes.
As far as defense i understood but i can remember a couple of times we were caught off guard with Orlando. So i think if we had a mix of containment and attacking 3-4 we would be good but it seems its more like 90-10 and if i remember correctly he said if it aint broke dont mess with it. but…

Air Raid is more than just throw a lot with four WRs.

Great article on the history and some of the major concepts ran. The concepts are what sets it apart from other offenses.

Would have liked to have seen the R&S as an option up top. It and the Air Raid are conceptually different.

I would love to see an Air Raid scheme paired with an attacking 34.


Air Raid - what we ran with Case Keenum and what Kingsbury runs at Texas Tech.

Pass Spread - Although the Air Raid could be considered pass spread, so can Morris’ offense at SMU. It is simply a spread that uses the pass first to open up the run game. Having said that, the pass spread and run spread should be separated. This is why…

Run Spread - This is what Urban Meyer and conversely what UH is trying to run today. Fritz’s spread triple option at Tulane is a run spread even though it is a triple option concept. This involves a lot of Run-Pass-Option that puts the QB in motion and has a pass outlet.

The triple option is the academies offense and Georgia Tech. It is traditional, keeps the defense guessing, and uses a tight formation to run the triple option.

I would love to see a pro style system because of how rare it is in the college game now. Also when executed correctly the play action is a very effective, especially with a good tight end. Even though I hated seeing us lose to San Diego St in the bowl game last year it was hard not to appreciate watching them run a pro style offense

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The problem with the pro-style is it requires really good offensive linemen. I wonder if UH would consistently be able to recruit the type of player we would need.

I don’t see why we couldn’t, especially if San Diego state can. I could be wrong but I don’t think their football facilities come close to ours. This might be reaching a little but you could also maybe use that you run a pro style offense as a recruiting tactic to recruits with the idea that it would be a lot easier to adjust once they get drafted or signed as a free agent.

I’ve looked at football games for over 55 years. Today, only three teams, that I am aware of, run the triple option, and all three run the basic wishbone. I very much prefer the “veer” offense run years ago by Bill Yeoman. To the best of my knowledge, no one is running this offense any longer. It consisted of a triple run option along with the very prominent option of a pass play. I seem to remember that, during Yeoman’s tenure, we had 3 (three) 99 yard passing touch downs and another (I personally saw this one) where on a pass play from the Houston one yard line, the receiver, somewhere way down field and running like he was out early for practice, was hit in the back of the helmet because he never looked around. That would have been # 4. Wonder if 3 is still a record # of 99 yd touchdown passes by one team? The pressure placed on the defense, which has little time to prepare because we would be one of a kind offense, would be tremendous. Of course, tough running backs, including quarterback, and fast receives would be a plus in this offense, just as in every other offense.

I also remember a defense that faced at least three #1 quarterback (by statistics) in the same year. Don Strock was one of those QB’s. Don’t remember the other 2, but during that year, and one or two others about the same time, we had a dominating defense. Several players from those teams went into the NFL. Talent is the answer. Any defense will work with the proper talent. Coaches should be able to build both offense and defense so that the talent has the best chance to succeed . . . . .

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if you really look into sdsu’s history…they have only beaten 2 teams with dline talent the last 10 years…
houston and stanford…thats it… (and the offense cost houston that game)
our point still remains…we say we dont want to run a prostyle because we dont think we can compete with it against the better teams as we can’t recruit the oline necessary to be elite in it

literally only 3 teams in the MWC can recruit (sdsu, boise and fresno) sdsu recruits in 70’s nationally, 85% of the mwc are in the bottom 100…sdsu also doesnt play boise every year (division)…sdsu has a history getting blown out by p5 and then beating undertalented mwc teams…

sdsu is bad example…outside of the ed oliver recruiting class, we average 4 or 5th recruiting in the league… our talent differential in the AAC isnt the same as sdsu in the MWC West. and i dont want to replicated sdsu who has beaten a total of 3 p5 the last 10 years …

An OC name to keep in mind that might be available is Doug meacham. He is currently the OC at Kansas who is having another terrible year. There’s a good chance their head coach will get fired this year so he’ll probably be on the market. I like his flexibility because he’s performed well with a ProStyle quarterback Un O’Korn and also dual threat quarterback’s at TCU.

Army/Navy/Air Force run the triple option from the Flexbone, not the Wishbone. The former is a lot more pass-friendly. But beyond that, New Mexico runs it from the Pistol, and Tulane runs it from spread formations.

Meacham had twenty one offensive yards against TCU. He’s been shut out twice this season. At least Johnson is good for a half.

My point being NO one runs the veer, it is pass friendly and also defenses don’t get to see it every week. I’ve watched football for awhile now and almost everyone runs bubble screens and throw a lot of times out to the edges, just like we do. Get away from what everyone else is doing . . . . .

Almost anything but a pro style. All NFL offenses look the same, the game is boring and we can’t recruit the 320 lb linemen consistently to run that offense.

But he was excellent at tcu and pretty good here. Just my opinion but I would take him over Johnson

I don’t care what type of offense or defense we run as long as we’re exciting and a Top 25 caliber program. Right now, we’re neither. I find myself at times this season forcing myself to the games. That wasn’t the case when we were fun to watch.

Unconventional offense win because they are hard to prepare for.

Lesser athletes can beat bigger programs. The up-tempo spread caused Nick Saban to complain enough so that the gutless NCAA adopted the Saban rule…the one where the O has to wait for the D if they substitute players.

I guess he did not want his players falling down with “cramps” a la June Jones. It just looks bad.