IF Cincinnati makes the playoff?

Cincinnati ain’t making the playoffs…but its interesting we have threads about what if they make it, but no threads about what if they win it? What if Cincinnati wins the playoff??? And Alabama was left out of it…

It was worse than ours but im not sure if having Cincy on our schedule now helps our SOS or not. I would assume post season opponents are included therefore our SOS would be even much better than UTSA’s

ECU has only lost one home game … to UH … its their stadium and a CFP team is coming to town … its like Christmas and NewYears put into one plus the weather will be nasty and cold … Cincy could well win it but it will be their toughest game to date …

If Bama is left out of the CFP … the SEC will be crying like a wet hen for an eight team playoff ASAP and forget ESPN …

These weekend games will be ah hoot to watch from just the implications of who wins and what impacts the winners and losers will have on the playoffs and bowl games.

I may be wrong, but I would swear we were playing ECU the day I spent 14 hours at TDECU waiting out lightning delays.


My mistake … you are correct … I fell asleep for the last hours of that game … long day …

ECU actually lost two games at home … AppSt and SouthCarolina

UTSA beat a bottom tier P5 (Illinois) …we lost to a bottom tier P5 (Texas Tech)

We both play G5 schedules with these common opponents: Memphis & Rice

If we beat Cincinnati, we’d have a top 5 win under our belt but they’d still be undefeated but with ZERO top 25 wins compared to our TWO.

It would be up to the committee to decide who deserves the Fiesta Bowl bid.

Is San Diego State in the mix even if we beat Cincinnati?

I would prefer Fiesta Bowl but I looked at the schedule yesterday and I saw Peach Bowl for G5 Auto in 2021

Ok, I kept hearing the Fiesta but thanks for clearing that up

UCONN first, but- How about we talk about what happens if Houston beats the snot out of Cincy?

They are playing much better now

let’s just beat UConn…then cincy!!



It’s either

He meant it was ECU’s stadium because it’s named TDECU Stadium.

All I care about is Houston getting a Championship, that helps us build the program moving forward.

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Ehh, Illinois will probably end up 4-8. Tech is going bowling. I think SDSU is in the mix if we beat Cincinnati, more so than UTSA. They beat Utah, but I think we’d edge them out if we beat the #4 team.

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This is where it’s better to play Cincinnati at Cincinnati than SMU at Houston for the conference championship. The latter probably does not get us past SDSU but the former does.

It would be us for saving the cfp committee from having to put a G5 in the playoff. We’d have mad street cred.

I don’t understand the angle of wanting a G5 not named Houston to get in the CFP. Cincy getting propped up does nothing but hurt us. Put ND or Pokes in “oh the injustice” I don’t care. Just don’t pump up a current and future conference rival like Cincy. Easiest thing to do is just beat them. With our defense we have a shot.


It benefits us for our conference to do well because we want our schedule to have cred. The downside is when we’re recruiting against one another, but that doesn’t apply to us and Cincinnati who have wildly different footprints.

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Having trouble stopping UGone . . . . .

Mobile QBs seem to do well against us. I think Riddell is going to give our D fits.

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