If CKB is hired, will he coach the bowl game?

Will he leave immediately or coach the bowl game?

I think he would leave immediately… But at P5 schools, most usually Coach their bowl games see Sumlin pre-UH.

Come again? I did not understand the question?

If hired by FSU tomorrow

I think he may be told to leave.


This is why bowl games are losing any real interest. It’s all about the playoffs. That’s four teams. The rest don’t really matter. We used to at least wait till after the bowl games to hire and fire staffs. The sooner we expand the playoffs the better.

As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t really matter. This season will go down as a disappointment. I would hope he’d stick around for the players sake. They’re the ones that deserve it.

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I doubt he even takes a plane ride back to Houston. Probably just tells movers where to deliver his belongings.

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The ole: “you can pick up my car at the airport.”


Wonder how much time he has spent prepping for the bowl game. I mean I know there is time to do both your job and look for another but damn.

If KB is hired elsewhere, I don’t want him coaching the bowl game. A UH man will coach UH. We should be packing his $h!+ and setting it outside on the street. The way he has handled this situation is BS. He is a POS. I want nothing to do with the Briles family. Even if KB is not hired elsewhere, I don’t want him back at UH. I will help CMA stack his crap on top of the closest dumpster to the UH coaches’ office.



Tell us how you really feel


wouldn’t you put it in the dumpster? Honestly you should recycle.

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On the dumpster, in the dumpster, recycle, or pour gasoline on it and set it on fire. I don’t care. I don’t want KB back at UH. The Coogs can find someone else to run an uptempo spread offense.

Go Coogs. Peace.

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Well, you are going to get your wish.

Be careful what you wish for.

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Oh boy. First game of the year at home versus Arizona, “real” Coogs on here just gushing about Kendall and Art. And you dare not say a word to the contrary. Oh how the naive and ignorant are led around like sheep. “Still proud to be a Coog.” It’s like wearing a non-UH related red hat.

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He’s probably recruiting for FSU using our phones already


He should do the interview in the AD’s office like Yurachek. Then he can just slip his stuff out the back door.

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So everything you read on here or any other coaching rumor you take it as TRUE! That was quite a rant for unless your in middle of discussions with CKB you have all the facts on what has/hasn’t happened to this point. #People #SlowDown