If Georgia, Clemson and Wisconsin win

I can’t wait to hear what Saban has to say. There is no way he could argue and not get laughed at by the press, that Alabama should go in ahead of Clemson, Wisconsin or Oklahoma without looking like a complete jackass. Which means his only argument would be to stay ranked ahead of Georgia. Will Saban have the balls to say his team should be in and the SEC champ out? I really want to see Saban throw himself under the bus so badly.

If any one would say it with a straight face it would be Saban

Of course Alabama should be invited to the playoffs. After all, they are in a P1 conference. In fact, they themselves are a certain kind of a P1 conference.


Doesn’t matter who wins it’s still a farce. More missed off fans the better, I agree.


Well there you have it. Two conversations now. Does a Big10 champ deserve a spot over a team that didn’t even play in their conference championship? How can you have a playoff that doesn’t include the only team in the FBS to have no losses?

The one answer that solves both questions and wouldn’t be a hard sell to the ones already in power, 8 team playoff with 5 P5 champs, highest ranked G5 champ and two at large bids.

Clemson, OU, OSU, Georgia, USC, UCF, and two out of Alabama, Auburn and Wisconsin.

Obviously a 12 to 16 team playoff would be ideal but an 8 team playoff would be progress and ensure everyone has a path to the playoffs.


JMO, the G5 slot in 8 would still be a hard sell to the P5. This year, no problem, UCF has earned it but sometimes the G5 champ is from a bad conference (W. Michigan) or has multiple losses. And some folks say G5 champ if a certain rank but that won’t work either. These are humans not the BCS so G5 champ and top 15 oh darn 17 again better luck next year I guess we have to take 3 loss blue blood with their huge fan base again.

Still my favorite way to go about it.

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If they have a problem with one G5 out of 8 slots because of the potential of a 25th ranked G5 taking a spot, there is a middle ground. Similar to the rule that applied to the BCS. Up to 5 conference champs (all conferences) ranked in the top 15 get an automatic seed. Up to 6 conference champs (all conferences) ranked in the top 12 get an automatic seed.

It would also be good if the ranking systems used were either ones that had no preseason bias rankings and are only calculated by the current season results or start out with rankings based on the previous year results with no bias adjustments like coaching changes, recruit rankings or conference affiliation.

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B1G left out. Let’s see if Delaney decides to get upset.

All he needs to do is kick Rutgers out and let us in

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I wonder how the pac 12 feels about being left out 2 out of the 4 years

The College Football Playoffs should be renamed the ESPN Invitational Playoffs. I am sure the fact that ESPN has the contract for both the SEC and the ACC influenced the committee to take Alabama over Ohio State.

Maybe Fox should start having their Invitational Playoffs so they can make sure a PAC12 and B1G school makes the playoffs. They can fight with ESPN over who gets the Big12 champion.


Probably that they should have better teams

You mean like Ohio State last year over Penn State.

I think Ohio State used up all of their bonus points last year. Not to mention they lost 2 games.

They would have to bring back a system like the BCS, because we all know UCF shows up at #13 (with Notre Dame #12) by the committee if there is a guarantee to the 6th conference champ in the top 12. If you want to keep the stupid committee, then give them a third of the ranking balance with the AP and computers getting the other 2/3s. Just so much more money made by ESPN if Auburn, Penn St, or Notre Dame is in instead of UCF. Also in an 8 team playoff, I give home games to 1-4 in first round to reward them.

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It seems hard to have a playoff when two of the 4 are from the same conference. If you don’t win your conference you shouldn’t get to go. Alabama had a chance but lost.

I hope the Big 10 and PAC 12 raise hell.

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It’s good things like this happen. It shows the need for an 8 team playoff.

More and more calls for an 8 team playoff. Sounds familiar to what some have said on this board:

Here’s the solution to college football’s inefficient and (often) meaningless postseason

Here’s the simple framework:

The first weekend of December is no longer reserved for conference championship games. They are the first round of an eight-team playoff, where the higher-seeded team gets to host. The champions of the five major conferences would be granted automatic bids. If you win your league, you are in.

How each conference determines that is up to them. The Big 12 already plays a round robin so the conference title game is useless. The other leagues could base it on league record with various tie breakers. This would wisely lead to the end of the division system which makes neither competitive, nor intellectual, sense. A more balanced scheduling system would improve the entire season. So would knowing that playing (and losing) tough non-conference games won’t kill you (as it did to USC) because you can still win your league.

There would be three at-large bids allowed, with one twist. If a non-Power Five club goes unbeaten and the committee ranks it in say, the top 10 or 15 (some number) then that team gets in automatically. Is UCF one of the eight best teams? We don’t really know, but it’s close and allowing an underdog into the tournament is good for the sport. Playoffs are businesses and a Cinderella is good for ratings and interest. Besides, if UCF proves to be a weak No. 8 seed, that is just a benefit the No. 1 seed earned. This year, Clemson’s reward is Alabama on a neutral field that is closer to Alabama. Gee, thanks.