If Major preaches ball protection as an element of playing

Then why is Postma still starting this week after, in the last 2 games, He has had 3 interceptions and 3 lost fumbles?

Why has Coach Applewhite completely given up on Kyle Allen after having him all spring and fall?

Is he the only one that sees some change is needed at QB to give this team a lift?

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EFFORT…Allen appears completely passive as a player. Postma, for all his faults, gives great effort…if a change is insisted upon, play King, NOT Allen…

How many reps do you really need to master 4 or 5 plays. Maybe Apples is afraid that if he starts King then Chance Amie won’t sign with us.

The fewer the plays, sometimes you need more reps. Triple option teams frequently have few plays but you have to practice them over and over so the timing and reads are perfect

This is the idea behind the classic, Mike Leach Air Raid as well. Run the same thing over and over and over in practice until you’re operating on muscle memory. Likewise, the Run and Shoot gained new life when June Jones simplified it. Only a select few teams throughout history – most notably Boise State (and now Washington) – have had any major success trying to “outsmart” their opponents with a thick playbook.

Why can’t our defense stop the run?

Starting nose tackle not 100% and starting mlb out with injury. Schemes are all well and good but you need really good players to execute.

Every good Team insists, preaches, understands what repetitions means. I have no idea where we are in that arena. Our repetitive mistakes tell me that we are not sound enough.

Same with Briles. No playbook because focus isn’t on memorizing pages but on repetition to improve reads and reactions