If NFL or NCAA FB attendance worries you.....just check out the MLB attendance DROP!


Forget about the attendance issues in either NFL or NCAA football.

Consider what’s going on in MLB this season!!!

Read on.


Quote: Compared to last season at this juncture, the Boston Red Sox are down about 2,500 fans a game. For the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals, it’s nearly 5,000. The Cleveland Indians’ average crowd has dropped more than 5,000, the Texas Rangers’ more than 7,000 and the Pittsburgh Pirates more than 7,500. The Toronto Blue Jays, Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals each are in the 8,000-fan range, and the Miami Marlins are pushing 10,000. The most severe is the Baltimore Orioles, who have played six games at home and are at almost 16,000 fewer per.

Even if some are obviously weather-related, the numbers are nevertheless staggering. The average crowd of 27,532 over the 221 MLB games played this season is about 2,700 fans per game lower than last year through the same point. Over the course of a full season, that would amount to a drop of more than 6.5 million fans.

Costs are getting too high.

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Also need to take into account the extreme cold weather they have been having up north this year to start the baseball season.

Meh. Not taking too much into this. The weather up north has been dreadful. Astros games at the Twins had game time temps in the mid 20’s. All the teams mentioned above have open stadiums and are dealing with the cold. Marlins is the only exception of terrible ownership killing that team/ attendance.