If P5 teams were previewed like G5 teams

Good stuff:

We’ve spent the entire summer analyzing and dissecting the Group of Five. Who will rise from the Sun Belt? Is this the year CUSA dominates? Can anybody stop the American? If you could be badminton partners with one Mountain West coach, who would it be?

But there are actually five other conferences fielding football teams in 2016! Listen, the Power Five plays some pretty solid pigskin in obscure conferences like the PAC 10! Football is football, and these guys know their Xs and Os! These underrated conferences may not receive adequate media exposure (thanks for the effort, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, CBS Sportsline, Fox News, ABC Sports, and NBC Sports), but Forgotten5 is happy to fill in the gaps for you diehard football fans who truly care about the game at all levels!


that was pretty great

I have never heard of this site before, but I will be visiting now, that was awesome

That was hilarious. Going to try and remember that writer’s name.

Looks like a pretty new site but there’s some good stuff on it already. I’ll have to check it out now and again.

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