If Postma starts against Tech

We might be undefeated?

I disagree. I’m still not sold on Postma. He’s shown some tendencies to stare down receivers and force some throws. The Allen/Postma debate reminds me a lot of Piland/O’Korn – I think the eventual starting QBs in each of those seasons benefited from a lot of luck that made them look better than they were.

Respect your opinion, but seems pretty pessimistic.

Not with the playcalling in that game. They finally started doing a better job of using his strengths tonight. If we played Tech next week, I think we would beat them.

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Postma has some severe limitations, but with good play calling, most of them can be hidden in this offense

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I realize this is idle speculation, and no way to know of course.

Don’t look now but Texas Tech is a respectable 4-1 with only a 7 pt loss vs top 20 Ok State.

And they haven’t scored under 30 in any game except against UH.

I won’t start feeling about the Tech game similar to Navy and UConn last two years until USF. If UH beats USF then Tech will be a big ‘what if’ game.

No doubt

Kyle Allen has all the ball skills. Feel bad for the young man but feel great for Postma. He’s been a winner for us and a great person!

If Postma starts at the beginning of the season, he maybe has a better game against Texas Tech but if it was Postma’s first game he might have made some of the same mistakes before Tech went into a prevent defense. I do like that Postma only kept the ball 7 times this game as opposed to the 15 he did against Temple. He might be able to stay healthy longer if he is less predictable about keeping the ball like he was today.

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I will be interested to see what Applewhite says about Postma’s performance. He made some great throws but he also had two INTs. And his emphasis was on ball security. I like most of what Postma does for this offense but the deep balls appear to be his limitation and those INTs came at seemingly bad times from a momentum perspective. His touch to Catalon on the one pass was nice – too bad Catalon ran before he caught the ball.

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Those may be called deep balls. I remember CMA saying after Allen had a pick in the Arizona game that it was on the play-calling.

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Could be. I know Applewhite took the blame for the Postma INT at Temple. This is why I am interested to hear CMA’s assessment.

Whether it was the call or not, you don’t throw into double coverage. You pull it down.


Postma runs a more potent offense. He has established himself as the #1 until further notice.


Never underestimate the heart of a champion.

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Postma has a ton of areas where he can improve. This is where I have some big reservations with Brad Johnson. His mechanics,throwing motion, footwork in the pocket to name a few have not improved since Johnson took over. Postma is so raw that he is a very interesting prospect. He fits our offense and …past offense. Allen does not. We can’t go back in time but it makes me wonder about our OL & running game play. I want to see some TE’s plays real soon. We had probably our best game tonight but we are still miles away of where we can go. It starts with Postma. It is never too late to improve.

The irony is, King has made himself irreplaceable as a utility player. King might be good enough to replace Postma but Postma isn’t quite fast enough to replace King. His two INTs were avoidable but at least both times they were deep and both times the receiver had a chance to make a play. I can’t think of another time where Postma made a pass that should have been an INT or should have been an easy target that he missed. Postma brings more to the offense than Allen at QB and King brings more to the offense at utility than any other player so until the offense sputters or Postma has more than a couple of mistakes, I can’t see anything changing going into the Tulsa game other than changing those deep passes to include a pump fake then heave to make the safeties hesitate.


Very sad thread. Tech didn’t exactly have everything go their way in our game.

running qb really is the difference in this offense. postmas arms havent wowed anyone but his legs have be the biggest factor…in not only his success but freezing defenders when deciding who has the ball in the read option, creating running lanes for others

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Why is it sad? It’s idle speculation.