If someone goes to Sam's club

Can you look for a zero gravity UH lounger for me plz. I checked the Pearland store and they had one. Need one more. Thank you in advance to whomever is going.

Checked Gulfpoint and Baybrook. Nothing

There’s none at 1960 humble, and Sugarland

Called the one off rice no response. Will check that one tomorrow.

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I go to The Woodlands location every Sunday. Will check.

Thank you

Pretty sure I saw them at the Rice & Westpark store.

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They were indeed at Rice. Thank you!!!

There’s 8 left for whoever was interested

Thanks for the heads up, would love to add a antigravity chair!

Sams Club at Eldorado and I45S has a few.


How much are those bad boys?

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Like 70

Could probably order it online right?

No i tried and it doesn’t show up online. It’s only in store and some stores ran out before the season started.

It had 6 when I took the picture.

Do they have these chairs at the start of every football season or was this the first time these chair had been sold?

Rice store near chimney rock has them as of 10 Nov 2021

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