If Sumlin left after the '09 season

I was thinking about this today… If Sumlin ended up taking the Cincinnati job after the '09 season, who would’ve replaced him?

And secondly, would we have been better off?

No I don’t think we would have been better off, but my guess is we would have gone after someone like Justin Fuente, who was the Co-OC at TCU. They finished #6 out of the MW that year.

Dana Holgorsen, and no.

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Could it have ended up much worse than Tony Levine???

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Yes. Could have been a staff that couldn’t coach or recruit. At least the Levine staff recruiting set up the next staff for success.


You are just upset that I have disagreed with you and you are contradicting yourself by saying yes, Levine was a good coach.

You asked if it could have been worse, I gave you an example of what would have been worse. No contradiction. Levine’s staff recruited more future NFL players than any coach since Pardee.

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Ok Jimmy. Thanks for pointing that out.

Yeah, we could have ended up with Kevin Sumlin!


Or worse, Kevin Sumlin!

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It wouldn’t have been bad if Dana was hired. He got a HC job a year later and has done well at WV. I’m not sure 2011 happens as it did but who knows.

We may have ended up better over the long haul if Dana stuck around a few years. Of course, this is all assuming he would have been the guy which is a guess.

Knowing what we know now I would take DH to have the consistency in our program and not go thru the merry go round we have been thru.

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