If the highest ranked G5 gets an automatic playoff bid (assuming playoff expansion)

Will this change G5 recruiting similar to non-P5 powerhouses in March madness? Even if it’s just that one little tiny spot within the playoff?

I think as Coogfans we tend to overstate our value as a program, but we have shown that we are committed to being a true athletic powerhouse with facilities. I take it your Boise States and your SMU’s will benefit from this purely based on history, but will Houston benefit from this too? How about independents?

Will be interesting to see. If 5 star recruits know G5’s have a shot at playoffs with a G5 schedule, then why wouldn’t more five stars sign with G5 schools? I’m not saying a composite rating means every 5 star recruit is an Ed Oliver, but if they feel they can dominate 1-3 star recruits on a G5 schedule it’s a possibility…


My guess is the 5 star recruits will still want to play at historically elite programs like Alabama and Ohio State, but where it might help us is in getting more local 3 and 4 star kids to sign with the Coogs rather than see them going to Texas Tech, Okie State, Mississippi State, Iowa State, and other similar schools as they currently do. If so, with good coaching and excellent player development, there’s no reason we can’t be a perennial Top 20 team with definite upside to be even much better than that.

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If it happens the way we want with true g5 inclusion then our conf becomes relevant like in bb so it will help recruiting and keep coaches here in fb bc there won’t be barriers like in the past. It will be more like the bb tourney, not as good, but much improved for us. It means if we’re stuck in the aac , it isn’t that bad. The 5 and most 4 stars will still go to the top teams but like mentioned, we could pick off more but I like the transfer portal and Dana could build something good here. I think our def will be really good and if he’d only get a dual threat in roster, the sky is the limit like 2016.


“If it happens the way we want” then it should include an AAC autobid. It’s as good as the Pac12 the past 5 years if not better and outside of the B12 having OU its on par with them as well.

Our commissioner needs to find his balls and start lobbying for this now.

UH should also be hitting up state government officials demanding that UT, ATM and TTech back that just like we did when we pushed to be in the B12 when they were thinking of expanding.

Its a huge money win for the state if that happens.


As a 4 star recruit, ask yourself… why go out north when you could stay home, have an actual shot at the playoffs with a G5 schedule

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