If the Jags upset the Patriots

UCF fans should be drunk for a week from celebrating.

Having lived in Jax, I’d say that on any given day they have a head start on you there. The meth and acid will probably be what you’re watching.

Just in case you weren’t following the plot, I’m talking about UCF fans, not Jacksonville fans. You know, because they just finished an undefeated season and now have a QB in an NFL conference championship game?

It’s the same part of Florida, and they were the worst fans I’ve ever seen when we went down to watch the Coogs play them in 2013.

Just go with the joke, it’s based on more than just a kernel of truth.

That is like saying College Station is the same part of Texas as Houston.

Are you sure they weren’t just reacting to your attitude since you seem to believe everyone in Florida is on hard drugs?

Jeebus dude. No. There’s a reason all the strange but true news stories seem to come from Florida.They joke about it themselves. I’d include Tallahassee in the group. They’re big cities in the overlooked hick part of the state. Gainesville is the College Station equivalent. Culturally Jax and Orlando are pretty similar.

The UCF fans were reacting most to the BS targeting penalty against our safety in the third quarter, and were getting up to walk to our section to threaten us personally. Overall they had the chip on the shoulder of a team that is winning but getting no credit, just like we have had, but they have zero history and no sense of context like our long term fans have. They are all horrible bandwagon fans. I’m happy they represented the conference well on the field that year and this, but I will never go to that stadium again.

And yes, I have met a couple of nice UCF alumni, one was a skipper of my squadron.

From experience, that whole part of Florida is nice, has nice people, and defines all the stereotypes about Florida.

Lighten up, Francis.

So Florida has a Waco and a Tudor as well? It’s not unique. Your reasoning is completely flawed.

We have a longer history but our fans have a shorter memory. As for bandwagon fans, have you never paid attention to our attendance or the nature of our fan threads when we lose just one game?

I thought they might win when the score was 20–10. It was 2nd down and 18 with 10 minutes left
in the game. Brady went back to pass and the Jax right end got a step on his blocker. The blocker
grabbed him and held as they twisted all the way to Brady right in front of the official. After the pass
release the blocker was still hanging on to the jersey. Big gainer. Next play was the same thing, but it was the Jax left end that got the wrestling hold treatment. No call, right in front of the official. I headed off to Goode Company for some seafood. I hope the officiating is honest for Case. It was kinda like the NE guys knew it would not be called or at least it was not.


They say officials can call a hold on every play. They certainly had no interest in calling any on the Patriots. 1 penalty all game against the Pats.

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