If we don’t

Win by 40, hit 100% of our free throws, commit zero turnovers and also never ever lose a game ever, then our fan base acts silly.


lol in the first half you would think we were down by 30 by the reactions on here then look at the score and we were down like 7 or 8. :joy:


We’ve been spoiled in basketball the last few year


350+ Schools would gladly trade places with our success the last 5 years


This wasn’t like the nonconference where we averaged 14 more shots than our foes.

I think we got off 2 or 3 more shots than Iowa St, but they got more FTs so basically the game came down to who made their shots and FTs.

Much more difficult way to win.

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Disagree. Love Coach but his teams have annual shortcomings that I feel could be corrected in the off-season. Their were much better upgrades, at SF and Center but we are who we are NOW. I’ll gladly take our 25-35 wins and sweet 16 appearances over what we had.

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I wish our HOF coach would take the advice of Coogfans and let us pick his portal players. Then the championship is guaranteed


I don’t know who was available that we actually could’ve landed. I doubt the staff had some amazing guy lined up and just decided to pass. But we are gonna struggle the rest of the year in half court sets until someone else steps up (Dunn), unless LJ & Sharp are on fire.

Our D alone will likely keep us in ~14 games, and probably just flat out win 10. The difference in 13-5 and 10-8 is gonna be some guys improving.


CKS doesn’t need your help, ghostrider! Try again

We played badly in the first half and got beat.

It happens.



If you get 10 more FTs than UH then that’s just like being spotted 7-10 points…

#1 Purdue lost to Nebraska, a team that hadn’t beaten a ranked opponent in over 40 years.

Relax folks.

This is basketball.

Nobody goes undefeated.


We are in a BIG BOY basketball league now. We are going to lose some games - yes there will be more loses (multiple) in conference play. We just need to not have any bad losses and get multiple Q1 wins. This conference will put many more teams in the tournament than the AAC did. Who cares if we finish 3rd in the Big12 and get a 4 seed for in the tournament for instance. Still a great shot to make the Sweet 16 or better! The days of living and dying for a bid in the tournament by losing or winning a specific game or 2 are gone baby gone.

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We did not have a good game last night. Outside of Sharp, no one else was consistent the whole game. Shead came on in the 2nd half. Francis, I thought was the most aggressive I have seen at getting rebounds. But, overall, not a good performance by our team last night, yet we only lose by 4 points.

The good news. I believe our guys got a good taste of what it will be like on the road in this conference and will be better prepared and ready to play this Saturday against TCU.


Short rest, flying to the middle of no where to temps feeling less than zero and playing a team who is jacked to have the opportunity to beat you.
This is how teams lose and why no one goes undefeated. We learn and move on.

Bottom line is we played poorly on offense and still willed our way back in the game. We missed some great looks or could have walked away with the win, but it happens.

Those expecting the perfect team will always be critical and no one team is without flaws. We are fortunate that 98-99% of teams are more flawed than we are.


They have also beat a huge number of ranked teams at home, likely with much less talent over the years.

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These are the type of games we’ll see in the Big 12. Tough, close games decided by small margins. And remember, Sampson teams usually peak more toward the end of the season. We’re not going through this conference schedule without losing five or six games, at least, and that’s not a reason to panic. It’s good, competitive basketball. Credit to the Cyclones for doing enough to win, and on to the next game.


As several have pointed out, the team had a very poor outing, especially in the first half. It was not its norm. They did get better however, as they came back and won the second half. It tells me that, given the normal poor FT percentage in this game (which, alone, could have made the difference), they would have won had they just slightly fixed sloppy stuff that they’ve proven they can do.

It’s not like what happened to Purdue at Nebraska. It’s so hard to be with your A game the entire season in the best basketball conference.

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These are delicious, but must be avoided.