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How’d that work out?
I agree with him, BTW.

You agree with the general?

Yes, but that’s not what some conspiracy-minded people think Ukraine is all about. It’s not. But then we’re drifting into politics, and I don’t want to go there.

Yes, please don’t take this further into politics.

That absolutely is politics.

Do you think posts are only political if they mention a politician, candidate, or political party?

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“They” is working overtime this weekend it seems.

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I’m not sure what “they” Firstie is referring to here.

No its not, i didn’t point to a political party as this underminds the elected officials of both parties. If it doesnt, please explain.

Something can be political without naming a politician or a political party. Here you’re talking about money, influence, and lobbying in government which is absolutely political.

It’s political. You’re making your point through the quote. Don’t be obtuse.

That said, no one has stopped this. What I said is don’t take it further.

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No i am not. The military industrial complex is made up of people from all parties

I already explained that a particular politician or political party doesn’t need to be named or signled out for something to be political. Did you not understand that the first time I said it?

Have I? Tell me how it’s political? One of our greatest generals of all time and one of our most liked presidents warned us of this.

Its not political and i explained why.

We see what you’re doing. This is clearly about politics. It can be about both parties and still be political. You’re making a political point.

You’re wrong, which isn’t unusual.

And that general was president when he said it. He was political at that point.

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Oh lord, so what can we talk about? Nice weather out today. Rt coog: what do you mean by that, no its not, you are being political.

Yes, you can talk about the weather if you want. And I’ve told you what I mean by it.

Calling you out for being political doesn’t make me political. You’re playing I know you are but what am I? Nice try.

In any case, nothing has been deleted. All I asked is that it doesn’t go further which is hasn’t. Relax man.