I'm checking site every hour

Simply because we are in the best position to run for the national title and getting major players from the portal to seal the deal. Even if we don’t, we are well positioned. Sampson has been the Oracle in all this and has lead us into the a position where we
can’t wait for basketball to begin. What coach has done is a miracle and I think we all recognize it. GO COOGS!!!


Same. So grateful to have seasons tickets this upcoming season for the first time ever. :fire:


I tell you what i’m already excited for the first bit of news about this team and the season starts in 7 months lol.

Renewed this afternoon :fire::fire::fire:


I am checking every hour to see when the portal thread reopens because I have some Barry bonds facts that need posting.


This is why the portal is here to stay. Coaches like Jimbo and national TV guys like Vitale can speak out against what it is doing to the game but you cannot deny the excitement (or disappointment) it is adding to the offseason.