I'm expecting more of this in 2019


At least he has passion, energy, animation and enthusiasm. I have missed that in our HC.


What we didn’t like Captain Stoic on the sidelines?


Nope! And I prefer Captain deer-in-the-headlights.

Dallas had Mr. Stoic for years and Tom Landry did pretty well for them. It’s not how the coach rants that matters, it’s how the team plays. Whatever works, is what I want. I don’t watch the coach, I watch the team on the field. If CDH goes bananas on the side and we win, I’m happy. If he looks comatose and we win; I’m happy. “Just win baby!”


To be fair, there was nothing exciting about coach Yeoman either, but he won games and SWC titles and is now in the HOF…heck, about the harshest words coach ever had for his players was dad gummit…nothing exciting about coach, but he is the greatest we ever had here…

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He lost his mind with Case on the sidelines a time or two, as well. There were other times when he couldn’t even talk to him after bad plays. Lol

While he does go nuts sometimes on the sidelines, his players love him. I remember sitting next to a player named chris cermin a few years ago at one of the kickoff lunches (back when the players could attend and sit with us). He was a safety that played a lot on special teams. We were talking about different coaches and what struck me is that he said Dana was the best coach he has ever had and his favorite. This from a guy who went to Katy high school I believe and was around some pretty great position coaches under sumlin.

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