"I'm here to break records"

I saw this quote from Alton on UH Athletics Instagram. Does anybody know where its from? I assume we still have the rule not allowing Freshmen to interview?

I believe it’s from this



Damn, I didn’t realize how Alton’s season stacks up in UH history!

McCaskill has 15 TD so far this year. That puts him in a tie for sixth most TDs in a season in UH history. He’s in outstanding company: Kenneth Farrow, Mike Hayes, Jason Phillips, Antowain Smith and Jackie Battle. Those are some big names – Alton has put up an epic season.


He has such a beautiful running style.


Why did it look like he jogged the whole way on that long draw TD last week when i know he was going fast


Those long striders that run upright always look slow even though they’re leaving the entire field in they’re dust.

Arian Foster ran like that, too.


Man… I didn’t realize he had that many TDs either. If he gets a lot of PT in the UCONN game he might break the all-time record.

Patrick Edwards is on the list for 2 seasons!


Manny Hazard was a receiver not a running back, and thus his TDs were receiving TDs. Someone needs to inform the athletics department and correct the error in the above table.


When he signed, he did an interview where he discussed his goals and talked about the records he wants to achieve.

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He needs to get his pads lower. Someday a big surly linebacker is going to clock him.

Greg Ward Jr had 21 rush TD and 17 pass TD in 2015…and a Peach Bowl victory over FSU! Amazing season!


One of the greatest seasons ever by a Coog!

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22 rushing TDs and O receiving for Hazard can’t be right.

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Can you call and let the coaches know? :roll_eyes:

They made the same mistake on Patrick Edwards 2010.

Hey don’t blame me. I don’t make the media guides, I just cut and paste them into Coogfans posts. :wink:

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They already know. I quoted CDH from a recent press conference, except for the linebacker part. I added that for color.