Imagine If this Was Your Child

What the hell is wrong with us? Arresting 6 yrs putting hand cuffs on them

Updated with more background

That’s one dangerous criminal

That’s hard to watch. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen
something like this before. What is the crime a 6 year
did ?

Edit: I still don’t get it. It was Florida however . Arresting a first grader at school ?

Your never to young to get a lesson in American justice

When I was in school, I got paddled by the teacher and coach and principal, the prefect of discipline once grabbed me by the neck of my collar half choking me when I was misbehaving, and the teacher would and did throw the eraser at students not paying attention. When I was late for football practice, I got a pop from the paddle. Am I traumatized and don’t realize it?

Yes, yes, this could explain a lot !
Just kidding of course.

I saw the experiences you described in Jr and Sr high, but nothing like this. First grader being cuffed and removed by police from school and taken down to
HQ to be “processed”. The kid had to stand on a chair for the mugshot. This scenario seems drastically different from yours and what I’ve witnessed in the past.

She is very young, but it does say she hit a principal. The arrest does seem overblown, but discipline in schools has gone downhill so drastically in the last few decades. Of course little can be done because so many parents now jump to their kids’ defense rather than supporting the school and the teacher. I don’t know what the answer is.


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Keep voting stupid and get stupid results

My son says the same thing Sam

Are you talking about education? Texas has been dominated by Republican government going back some 30 years.

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