In 1871, the US almost acquired the Dominican Republic. President Ulysses S. Grant hoped that 'the entire colored population of the United States' would move to the island

Pretty fascinating history.

Gerald Horn who holds the Moore’s Professorship of History and African American Studies at the University of Houston told Insider that fell through Because those countries ( meaning Brazil, Panama) were skeptical about why the U.S. would send only there Black population there.

Abraham Lincoln wanted to do this

So he wasn’t a saint bc he thought about this and didn’t know what to do once they were free.

Yea the article makes reference to that to

The Civil War era has become America’s Illiad and the major players have become so immortalized and simplified that they have become like climate of today. Today everything is black and white and no one allows for any shades of grey. “Me good and you bad”. It is the same with the Civil War. The reality with the Civil War is that it was conducted and fought by very flawed people, which makes it even more fascinating.