In 2008

We were 1-3 heading into ECU’s stadium. They were ranked.

We marched in and beat them handily. Before that we were a team trying to grasp the new system, WITH Case Keenum.

So I think we get better and better each game.


I really hope you’re right, but I also hope we get back on the rails before we’re 1-3. If we finish OOC at 1-3, we can probably kiss our NY6 hopes goodbye even if we run the table in the conference.

I think NY6 aspirations should be downgraded.


I’ve already downgraded mine. My only hope at this point is that CDH is holding King back for a reason, but plans to take the leash off really soon. If this offense gets unleashed, we’ll be able to play with anyone on our schedule.

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Great outlook! Just need a good defensive effort as well.

Somewhat different circumstances to start that season.

Game 1 - blew out Southern at home
Game 2 - played a good OSU team (not OU good though) on road tough for a half but couldn’t hang in 2nd half
Game 3 - lost by 3 to AF in Dallas in front of dozens of people in what was supposed to be a home game as Hurricane Ike ran thru Houston
Game 4 - lost by 3 to CSU on road the week after Ike hit Houston

Some of those struggles were related to the new system but I’m guessing Ike was a much bigger piece of it.