In Its Quest to Join the Big XII, UH May Have Done Too Well

In Its Quest to Join the Big XII, UH May Have Done Too Well


If you did your best and people dont let you in. That speaks to those people more than you. PERIOD!


I fully agree. Only small minds think that way. But, I guess the big 12 could be full of those types if they
really don’t expand.

It would be the beginning of the end of that conference if such small-minded thinking prevails.

This really seems like a high stakes game of chicken at this point. Someone will have to cave and I have to believe it will be OU knowing that if expansion doesn’t happen, the conference crumbles. Guess we’ll see.

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"So how worried are the Little 8 schools?

It depends on whom you speak with. But their mentality may be best
summed up by one Big 12 source: “No issue is more important to the eight
schools than this issue.” There are myriad variables here, but let’s
look at the future of those eight schools in terms of landing in a Power
Five league if Texas and Oklahoma bolted.

Out of the other eight, I think Kansas is the only school with a guaranteed landing spot. Everyone else is scrambling to join the American.

If we don’t get in the Big 12 and we don’t have another immediate alternative we’ll be looking at Tom Herman’s tail lights as he drives away.

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Maybe that is the idea. Maybe that is what the SEC and the BIG 12 wants…maybe the only way to “tame us” is for us to loose our coach and that we will “never” get back to this level. Keep HOUSTON down, and your troubles are all over…

If Texas is serious, and I think they are, they win.

Hopefully, we have a back-up plan… and hopefully, we have made some effort to reach out to the ACC.

What we should do is partner with Cincy and go to the ACC with the idea of becoming the first 16 team “Super Conference.”

Hopefully create a domino effect which would cause the Big 10 and SEC to each expand by 2 teams… so that would mean 4 team would be cherry picked out of the Big 12. Likely Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State & West Virginia

That would leave: Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, TCU and Texas Tech

6 schools left over, but only 4 spots available in the PAC-12 (soon PAC-14)… I suspect they would take Texas Tech, TCU, Kansas & Kansas State… which would mean 2 big 12 teams get left out (my guess would be Baylor & Iowa State get left out).

We need to have an aggressive plan… ACC would get access to Houston TV market and Texas recruiting. Put us in Coastal division with Miami, Georgia Tech… put Cincy in the Atlantic division. I think it would make a lot of sense since initially Cincy & Louisville went to the Big East together… they would be good rivals in the ACC.

My 2 cents… in my little imaginary world… :sleeping:

I think a PAC 10 East makes more sense. It’ll solve the Oklahoma situation.

Arizona St
Oklahoma St

All state schools. Exposure for the PAC 10. Traditional for OU. Looks good, sexy, and TV would pay. Goes without saying ut’s BS network goes away. Kansas probably goes Big 10 or ACC. West Virginia, KSU, tcu, tech, and the rapists and murderers at baylor either expand a now depleted big 12 or join the American. Oh, and baylor will probably sue.

Pendergast is all over the place in this article. Big 12 “not expanding” would have nothing to do with Houston’s success on the field, their campus, or anything along those lines. The Big 12 “not expanding” has everything to do with Oklahoma not wanting to give into Texas.

These articles quoting Dana Dimel and Mike Gundy lose credibility immediately because this isn’t a decision made by coaches. His argument that no other Big 12 coaches wanted to be in OU’s position doesn’t make a lot of sense either when we have Kansas, Texas Tech, and OU on future schedules.

Sean’s writing a very limited view article about the whole thing and trying to create an argument about anything more than this is a battle between UT and OU. What UH has done or will do doesn’t matter at this point.

All of these PAC scenarios are interesting, but I just cannot envision a scenario where Texas gives up the LHN. They get way too much money from it (for doing absolutely nothing) and any other conference would have to pay Texas an insane amount of money to incentivize them to drop the LHN, which the other members of said conference are never going to agree to. It’s just not going to happen.

Texas makes 15M per year. The only scenario I can see them giving that up is if they were able to make substantially more with some kind of superconference. If the Pac 12 merger were to happen, You’d basically have a market that would cover Texas, California, Arizona, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Colorado.

That would be some big, big, big money.

Not sure how so many people keep missing this important fact. It is nice to want SEC, PAC, and B1G, but right now it is AAC or B12. That is it.

Actually, right now, it’s none. If we’re being realistic that is.

sean is fat. and as i recall you all lost your minds when he said he texans third string talk was more interesting than uh football. if thats what he thinks i dont give a rip what his opinion is and why give his pos article the clicks?

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