In Support of UH: $12 for the Big 12 Stupidity

In honor of the Big 12’s stupidity, I made a $12 donation to Cougar Pride today. Just continuing to show support. I recommend everyone else do so as well.


BRILLIANT!! I am going to share this on all my social platforms

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To be accurate, it should be $10. Just sayin…


Nah, 12 is in the name, $12 is also more than $10 which is better for UH.

Has everyone made their donation yet? I have heard from Cougar Pride that they are trying to find a donor that will match these donations so get out your card and donate.

Any updates?

Surely they get more money than this?

How about 12 for 12: $12 / month for 12 months in honor of the Big XII non-expansion…

If you can do that, please do. I figured $12 was symbolic and small enough that anyone could afford to participate. Every dollar helps.

It’s a GREAT idea…if you could get it to go viral on social media, maybe UH could get a quick little windfall…

I already did get a lot of likes and retweet on twitter so it got some traction. Every dollar helps.