Inaugural WSJ College Ratings

Release yesterday. Anyone subscribe to the WSJ online?

If so, where do we rank? Where do the Big 12 schools and expansion candidates rank?

From what little I have read, sounds like it is heavily biased in favor of private schools.

I was a bit off on my earlier post (we were #388 not #368), here’s the info:

First, methodology of the rankings:

Next, here’s the comparison that includes Big 12, AAC, Expansion Candidates, and some other Texas schools (Navy and Air Force weren’t included in the rankings).

UH stacks up fairly well…except when it comes to resources (and yes, the private schools are higher on the list because of this). We do rank highest in environment (which is mainly based on diversity so this one isn’t surprising).

Man, Texas Tech did not do well on this ranking.

Thanks for doing that, Patrick!

No problem

Wonderful, just what we need, another completely disfunction ratings system that will better serve the publisher than any student.

Maybe if they bothered reading this piece on their site they would have seen their rating system does more harm than good.


Here’s a link that will let you look up ANY school in the country.

Gang, it’s behind a pay wall. Most of you will see:

“Subscribe to see this content.”

396 last year in the WSJ rankings.

364 this year, released a few hours ago.

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We’re on the rise!

208 in this year’s WSJ ranking


Looking at our 2019 ranking and the 2023, we have made serious strides, but getting in the top 50 will be a massive task.