Were there any significant ones from the BYU game? Let’s wipe this game and win the conference. Just clean up some things and we should be set.

P.S.- What a crappy sports weekend, topped by a typical Texans finish.


Why Romeo went for two when a 1 point PAT would have given us an 8 point lead. It is possible that the Titans could have made the 2 point conversion, but not nearly as automatic as a kicked PAT. For example, the Texans didn’t make it after their score when they looked like they were steamrolling TN.

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It really comes down to whether you’d rather take Deshaun Watson vs. the Titans’ D or the Texans’ D vs. the Titans’ O in a two-point situation. Don’t know about you, but given that choice I’d make the same choice Crennel did.

That was a terrible decision. Terrible.

Chance of driving the length of the field with 1:45 left? Maybe 10 percent.

Chance of a 2-point conversion to tie? Maybe 20 percent.

So that’s a 2 percent chance of tying if you just take the extra point.

But without the latter, only a 7-point lead, it’s a 10 percent chance of tying the game.

Bad decision.

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Sorry to derail the OP. But has anyone heard the injury situation? How about Marcus Jones?

All because the Texans kicker missed an extra point which is so Texans

Not yesterday…it was more like 75%

This is some bad stats work here. Obviously missing the 2-point conversion would have been a terrible decision, but that neglects the possibility that it could have been made, which would have functionally won the game.

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Still waiting.

What is answer to the actual topic?


Hope Freeman And Jones are back. Banes looked uncomfortable and lost in every play and Braylon is a better Guard if he wants to go to League. With Paul out we need our starters who won us Tulane

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Nope. “’[M]issing’ the 2-point conversion [was] a terrible decision.” Sure making it pretty much assured a win, but you had about an 80 percent chance of missing that, which put you in a precarious position and increased your chances of losing. And that’s what happened.

Dumb. Dumb. Decision.

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Where are you getting 20% from? The average NFL team converts about 49.5% of their 2-point conversion attempts, and given that the score was 36-29 at that point, I’d argue that the odds of success on that particular attempt were higher than average.

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After thinking it over, it was probably worth the risk. Make it and pretty much game over. The odds of stopping the Titans. On a 2 point try we’re low with how they were running it down the Texans throats.


He’s getting his stats from the nether regions!

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Maybe we should re-title this thread the Texans Bonehead Decision to go for 2 and create a new one for UH injuries?


Just asking, given the Texans history, isn’t Texans boneheaded decision a redundant statement?

Well…I thought they had turned the corner when they fired O’Brien earlier than most thought they would but they continue to exceed my expectations on bonehead moves. Can’t wait for those GM and HC hires!

Except if the Titans convert the 2 pt play, you don’t lose, you go to OT. So there is that.

So no injury information. Got it.


I found this on Mark Berman’s twitter. It looks like Garrison Vaughn is the only one who is expected to be out long term: