Besides Samples, Stevenson, Catalon, M. Oliver, and Bowser (and more I’m probably missing)…these are the injuries from the game. Won’t know the severity until tonight at the earliest:

When is our bye week? We need to recover.

We have a bye in two weeks. Have to get through SMU and UCF first.

Taylor was out there on the last play, so I imagine his injury isn’t too serious.

I’m most concerned about Rodgers and Allen.

Great news from last night. Basically, everyone could be good enough to go this weekend, Marcus Oliver should be back, and Stevenson might be good enough to go:

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Hoping we heal up soon. Hope Bowser’s recovery is going well. Catalon’s too. We really need that bye week.

If you watch Adams in the 2nd half, he could not raise his right arm and between plays you could see it was not right. Hope it is not serious. Says a lot about his value and/or the depth at his position that he remained in the game.

That news about Stevenson is huge, although I would expect him to be pretty rusty. You could see it with Brandon Wilson this week. It was great having him back, but man was he rusty, especially in coverage. Hopefully Wilson will be back to his normal self this weekend and we blow out SMU early to let Stevenson get some full speed reps.

Also terrific news about Chance Allen. After watching that hit, I feared the worst for him. Still pissed off that wasn’t called targeting. I’ve never seen a clearer definition of leading with the crown of the helmet than that hit.

Maybe this was posted somewhere, but what about Bonner, he looked to be hurting, any news on him?

No news on Bonner after the game. Must have been minor.

I saw Bonner leave the field with what looked like an arm or shoulder injury. He was back in the game after that so I think he is ok.

Yeah, Bonner was back on the field within a couple of plays after being injured. He had what looked like a similar deal against UConn, and came back quickly in that one, too.

More injury updates from JD:

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