Injury update?

I know it is too early to know who will be available for Saturday, but does anyone know anything about the new injuries like Carter and Car? Hopefully nothing serious.

I thought cart was a question as well. Don’t forget about king. Still debatable as to whether are not he is injured.

Could somebody post a list of all injuries? There are so many I have lost track. Thanks!

these are the 3 new ones added to whatever the list was

ed is questionable, carter is questionable, fleming is questionable …with chambers injury …our dline is in shambles

note payton turner looked to be badly injured in the game aswell and needed a medical timeout, but he came back into the game so it wasnt serious

Terrance Williams is banged up which means we’re hurting at RB as well.

Braylon Jones was banged up during the SMU game and missed some time. Mason Denley had just come back after being out the week prior.

Darrion Owens is slowly working his way back into the rotation. Garrett Davis is out.

Thank you both for the updates. Pretty horrible news. Hopefully they are all right, and hopefully others can step up. This means the last three games are going to be a lot tougher. The offense is going to have to play lights out if we expect to win.


Probably ends his career. Really sucks that his last two years were marred by injury. Wishing him all the best

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That stinks


Damn!!! Hopefully he can rehab and get healthy for U of H’s pro day. I feel like he has potential to play at the next level and maybe make it on as an undrafted free agent. If not I hope it’s a healthy recovery all the same and best of luck to them.

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Yet folks will scream about how bad our defense is and demand firings in the 2nd quarter.

I lost my damn crystal ball again and am wondering about the comment that Ed will sit the season unless it’s AAC Championship? Is this the logical consensus? Wouldn’t blame him, …

No, we were asking for NoD to be let go long before the injuries.


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