Interesting offseason question: Favorite 21st Century Coogs

Figured this was a good list topic for the forum.

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Here was the Pawdcast’s:

and Here was mine:

Mine is there too… I am private though …

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“Which of your children do you love most?” I can’t answer that, there are too many…


QB: Case
RB: Farrow
WR: P. Edwards
TE: McCloskey
OL: Vollmer
DL: Oliver
LB: E. Roberts
DB: DJ Hayden
ST: Hogan

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This was very hard, especially when you only get one choice at some of the positions. Lot of favorites over the years.

Vincent Marshall was my favorite receiver but I remember Orlando Iglesias too, the guy was money like James Cleveland that one year.

QB: Keenum
RB: Farrow
WR: Carrier
TE: McCloskey
OL: Harper?
DL: Oliver
LB: Matthews
DB: Stewart
ST: Hogan

TE: Justin Johnson

QB: Greg Ward
RB: Jackie Battle
WR: Patrick Edwards
TE: Mark Hafner
OL: Sebastian Vollmer
DL: Ed Oliver
LB: Elandon Roberts
DB: Trevon Stewart
ST: Tyron Carrier