Interesting quote that is spot on


As a teacher, this IS spot on!




What do you teach Giena?

I teach the littles…Kindergarten. Second grade is the oldest group I have had the pleasure to teach.

My cousin Bonny taught kindergarten in Denver for her whole career. I used to tease her about finding herself talking to adults like 5 year olds, she had a very sweet voice. I always thought that would be the toughest group to teach since they have such small frames of reference. So you can’t say it’s like such and such because they don’t know what such and such is. You set their foundation which is so important.

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Thank you! It can be a tough age for sure. Many never had any form of Pre K for social bonding or any type of academic foundation. Those kiddos can be the most challenging. I also have to remember I raised mine completely different than the way kids are raised today. Different mindset altogether. I love it though. Couldn’t imagine any other field I’d rather be in.

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