Interesting take


He didn’t elaborate.

We are lesser extent.


I think as a whole, the new Big 12 will be a more balance league. At least, in the first few years of it, assuming no more deflections and things stay as is, it will be a very competitive league.

I get it, a lot of the Big 12 teams may not look at us as favorably nor intimidating to play, but UH can and will field competitive teams and it just a matter of building it up. Everyone scoffs at the notion that we may be a sleeping giant and I’m not saying that we are or aren’t, but with the right amount of talent and moxy, you never know.

Maybe I’m being optimistic with my outlook for our team, but I think we all will agree that if we didn’t have a little faith in our Coogs, we wouldn’t have survived the CUSA years until now.


He did not elaborate, but he clearly was not excited about UH being added to the conference.

Like everything in life “timing is everything!” Imagine if UH were added to the Big 12 in 2016 when we were flying high and still had Tom Herman and the H-town takeover. These guys would have been singing a different tune. BYU and Cincy are flying high now. Good for them. UH football will be back!


Get used to it. We are the school people treat with disdain. It was like that in the SWC too.


Who cares what anybody thinks of us? The minute we do we are already behind. It is our job to create history. Everything else is useless. We can only better ourselves. Nobody else is going to do it for us. The will to succeed makes us better and will help us reach the ultimate prize.


He wanted… South Florida? I question his selection criteria.

That said, we have a lot of work to do. I can’t blame them for looking at our football program and being unimpressed. In 2016 three of our last four coaches had been successful and now it’s three of six and only one of our most recent three. We’re going to have to do better.

Agreed. UCF weren’t even in discussion in 2016. They were 0-12 in 2015 and losing record in 2016. All about the timing. We’ll be back and back faster than most will think. We need someone that will sell houston kids to stay home. Nice we get that train going, nothing will stop us.



If we were joining in '16, we’d be the talk of the town. Recency bias plays hard with these guys who haven’t paid any attention to us or to the others. I mean, low hanging fruit right now is ‘Cinci BYU good’

But it does give urgency to turn this football ship around asap


Does this dilweed really want Houston to be good? I think not. Cuz when we’re good we tend to be really good. Other than that he’s fairly welcoming.

It’s actually an advantage for us.

My Nebraska buddy says “Of course the Big XII teams did not want Houston. All they do is beat P5 teams”

I tell him that I think that all FBS Conference Champs should be in the Playoff. And he tells me that “your thinking is all wrong. You are P5 now, and you need to start thinking like a P5 team”. I told him that will never happen on this front. I don’t care if the SBC team gets crushed every year by Alabama. They won their conference, they are in. Sorry LSU, you need a wild card.


He lost me with South Florida. One person’s take.

Which is why we need to find a way to ultimately get a ticket to the PAC or ACC. We will instantly be viewed a a great Texas addition instead of an orphan

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BYU attendance issues? Their stadium looks a lot more packed than that picture.

Yes I saw this idiot a few days back on YouTube thought about broadcasting it up here then I said to myself why give this fool an hater a stage

Who said BYU has attendance issues?