Interesting Tweets by John Mclain

I wonder if John felt unsafe when he was at our tailgate this year?

This is fat ass McLain’s way of dragging out the old shibboleths about UH. It’s his racist dog whistle, his way of reminding everyone that UH is in a predominantly black neighborhood. Remember he was part of the good ole boy Houston sports media that tolerated such racist insults as Cougroes and the wise crack about 7-11’s.

I’m assuming he’s on the Herman to Baylor train right now.

Not only is he on the train, he was the first to push it down the track.

Who are the Cougs?

Am I missing something? What did he say?

I can understand him retweeting the sports related link but why did he retweet the shooting incident other than to try to say that UH is in a bad neighborhood

He should retweet rape reports from waco.

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gang shootouts


Let Mclain block BYU. Coogs will enter a P5 :grin:

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“Who are the Cougs?”

BYU … duh

Is his neck bigger than his waist?

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Of course the guy feels unsafe, he’s a pretty BIG target

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