International Players

That was an impressive late game shot by Milan Momcilovic last night and it got me thinking.

I know Momcilovic is technically American, but he plays the Euro style- has Sampson and son considered recruiting International sharp shooters?

It seems like we recruit the same type of American player that has to fight every offensive possession and it does not always work out well.

It would be nice to have some players with the fluidly coming out of the European/ International style of play…especially from the Slavic countries.

Hakeem wasn’t European but he heavily relied on “Soccer Goalie footwork” to add elements of his game not seen with American players.

In Europe many of the young players are already in professional development teams by the age of 16 similar to European soccer.

I think the NCAA will not allow players who have signed a professional contract in the same sport to play in NCAA basketball.

Our best bet is to identify talent in their early teens and get them to enroll before they sign their professional contract in Europe


A few years back it look like they were trying to recruit Canada but nothing ever came of it. I would love to hear CKS explain the recruitment strategy in general for bigs.

Head Coach Pat Foster brought in a lot of international players, had good regular season records and never won a NCAA Tournament game. I would be very selective if we go that route. Hard to sustain a culture if you have too many “rent-a-players”. Also they need to play CKS’ style of defense. That will narrow the field considerably.

It seems like in some of these type of games last night, or deep in the tournament, we could really use a finesse sharp shooter type of player to complement the grind it out offensive style.

I wouldn’t fill a whole team with them but one or two to be a change of pace option.

From this point forward, I’m considering what we need to do to win a National Championship not just put up impressive regular seasons. We’ve reached that point where it is Championship or bust!

Iowa State mirrored us in many ways with very tough defense…but they had that change of pace sharp shooter finesse player type and they found a way to win the game.


Euros are too soft for CKS


Arizona heavily recruits Europe and has probably 6 of them on this season’s roster. And a Center from Africa.

Their weakness is defense. Recently Stanford scored 100 on them.

Sampson would never put up with that. Do not expect to see Europeans on his roster.


Europeans and international players focus more on passing the ball with catch and shoot type of offense.

They know they can’t match the speed and agility of USA developed players so they game plan lots of passing due to the fact that the fastest defender can’t outrun every pass.

As much as I hate the Spurs as a Rockets’ fan, coach Pop caters his offense to international players like Parker, Ginobili, Diaw, Mills from that 2014 championship team.
Only Kawhi and Tim Duncan are the main players that developed in the USA.

Nebraska beat Purdue last night and their leading scorer from Japan.

Jwan Roberts, Virgin Islands

Is a U.S. territory considered international? I will defer to the judges on CoogFans.

Thats like saying Tim Duncan Virgin islands lulz

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While international, specifically European, players are very skilled they typically lack the minimum amount of willingness to scrap and mud in their blood that is a prerequisite to be on a CKS team. And the ones that do are probably already pros in some form. lol


Which Virgin Island? Some are British colonies.

West Coast teams have quite a few Aussies. St Mary’s is usually loaded with foreign players.

St. Thomas, which is U.S.

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Spot on, usually European players practice more on passing and shooting than dribbling, rebounding, fast break etc.

not that we should abandon our MO but would it hurt having one change of pace type of player to help us break through this wall to a NC?
I specifically pointed out that type of player on Iowa State’s squad last night that hit the big game clinching shot.

It was a finesse type of shot…not a grind it to the rim type of shot.

Having a finesse option on our squad would be a great addition.


It will be interesting to watch Milan going forward, they compared him to Bird and Dirk, and from that shot he qualifies. That was bigtime. It will take a season of that to successfully compare to Bird or Dirk.

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European players have excellent footwork…not a secret how they develop that skill, guess their secondary sport…


The talent gap between UH and an international team was evident this past summer.