Investigate rob manfred

I saw on the Chronicle’s website a couple of Astros fans gave rob manfred an earful: ““You know you scapegoated us, Rob! You know it,” one Astros fan yelled. “Open the letter!,” the other chimed in.” Good for them. If that guy was investigated, he’d probably do jail time. Astros fans heckle commissioner Rob Manfred before World Series


So the commissioner let the Astros take a beating and allowed the world to destroy the Astros’ reputation in the sign-stealing scandal, but when it comes to the Yankees committing an even more serious violation he keeps everything a secret and under wraps? What kind of a double standard is that? And people still think the Yankees don’t get favoritism from MLB? Please!


It’s old news, but I came across this today: Yankees fans tumbling off their high horses - Butte Sports . His suspicion as to why only the Astros & Bosox were investigated is what I’ve suspected since the investigation took place. I’m still surprised it isn’t brought up more often. His closing thoughts are similar to what I echo when I say; the commissioner’s team cheats, mlb cheats for them, and they still can’t get to the World Series. I guess manfred’s next tactic will be to move Houston, Boston, & Tampa Bay to the NL & replace them with Arizona , Pittsburgh, & Washington.

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