Iowa Purdue

Don’t think the Hawkeyes are a comeback team today.

Number 2 going down… Cincy 2?


Not looking like their day indeed.


Sweet, Cincy looking more legit

Cincinnati moving up. Purdue. Lol.come on.

Would Cincy actually move up to #2 in this AP ranking if Iowa loses?

It’s college football – the best!!! All the experts---------------- :joy:
Young men still playing, last I’ve been blessed to observe. :innocent:

Cincinnati #2??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Greatly weakens the chance of Big 10 getting in two teams. Iowa’s eliminated unless they run the table. Basically means the Big 10 would have to get two teams out of the same division which hasn’t been done yet.

Overrated Conference in BB and football


I hate to pull for the froggies, but an Oklahoma loss would benefit Cincinnati right now.

It just dawned on me but Cincy played Georgia toe to toe last year in the Georgia Dome. I think that’s gonna work in their favor come selection time.


I have a feeling they are going to have OU or Bama jump Cincy. Don’t be surprised.


It will be OSU when they beat OU.

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Today’s loss was not a surprise to any Iowa Hawkeye fan who has watched Ferentz coached teams repeatedly lay these sorts of eggs at home. Every season there is at least on inexplicable loss (usually at home) that costs us the ability to win the BIG.

Because of this loss, Iowa has to hope that Purdue loses again and that they win out. Sadly the prize would just be a trip to Indy to face the Spartans, Buckeyes or Wolverines, all three of which would probably destroy us.


I really enjoyed that game. The Purdue qb and that de #5 were entertaining.