Iowa State loses AAU membership

This leaves Kansas as the only B12 school in the AAU. All of the other P5 conferences have at least five members, for whatever that’s worth. Hopefully UH will get there before too long.

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Yep AAU keeps moving the goal post for entry.

UH- there is your opening!

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OF COURSE the AAU metrics favor universities with medical schools.

That’s where the bulk of the peer reviewed research that the AAU prefers takes place.

Look for Oregon to be the next non-medical AAU member to drop out.

And this is why, as I have been saying for years, it is SOOOOOO important that UH have a strong on campus medical school. It’s essential for getting the research dollars needed to get us in the AAU!

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So reading the article I think it points out ina small few sentences but really important things like how NSF and USDA finding have been far outpaced. I think this a critical mistake by all sides, we should be dumping money into all the sciences breakthrough technology at University incubators in all fields is critical to adapting to changing worlds and should not necessarily be the playground of the private sector.

Will we have issues with the metrics concerning faculty, or will that resolve itself with the medical school?

Not sure what the question is.

We have many faculty members that are associated with national academies, etc.

The main thing that the medical school can do for us is bring in those NIH dollars that the AAU prizes so highly.

Without a medical school, Iowa State couldn’t keep up.

I’m guessing Oregon is next.

I’m incredibly ignorant about the whole AAU process, but in that article, it mentioned not only research dollars, but also “faculty awards and citations.”

I assume that would be research, funded by the grants, etc…

Where do we stand in that respect? Are UH professors already filling their role, and we’d just need more research dollars to hit a threshold for AAU, or would the additional research dollars help draw more researchers in, who would then win awards and be cited.

I guess, chicken or the egg. Do we have researchers that are going to draw more funding, or do we need more funding to draw more researchers to hit a threshold for AAU?

(I could be misinterpreting this whole thing. The way I read it, you need a certain amount of research dollars, and a certain amount of academic/ research plaudits).

Our research budget of around $200 million or so is well above average, but would be marginal by AAU standards.

That said, it beats Oregon, which lacks a Med School.

That’s why I am saying that Oregon is likely to be the next to get booted.

Having a Med School will raise our numbers, if we do it right.

We also have several faculty members who are national academy members, as I said. That also helps.

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Do we actually know if Iowa State didn’t leave the membership, it would get the boot? Did I miss something in the article?

It did talk about the AAU ranking its members so I am wondering if Iowa State was near or at the bottom.

Sounds like they are voluntarily withdrawing, however, I would guess that they are near the bottom, and probably see the handwriting on the wall.

Without a med school, and being a “land grant” college, I’m guessing that they are in more or less the same boat as Nebraska: with a disproportionate share of their research coming from the USDA…a type of research disfavored by the AAU and its metrics.

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Researchers attract the funding.

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