IPF Video cam


Can we get this one permanantly tagged to the top until the construction finishes?

Has anyone else noticed that they have relocated the IPF?
The UH drawings that are still posted have it located next to the parking garage with a parking lot between it and the street. Now they flipped it and you can see that it will be along the street with the (possible) smaller building (weight room?) going up next to the parking garage.

This will definitely take from the view of DT for some fans who sit in the lower TDECU bowl but upon looking closely at the cam I understand why this was done.The underground transformer vault is located next to the stadium ramp and the expense to relocate this would not be cheap. You can see this on the webcam by looking for the excavators that are in the process of making a hole where either a separate transformer for the IPF will be located or where they will connect to the existing ones.

Maybe they will publish some updated drawings that will show what will be placed in the gap between the IPF and the parking garage?

I believe it will be a walkway that may contain some statues or monuments.

Dickey did mention a few months ago that the view to downtown will be blocked and that they are still working on what to do about that. A lot of that was with the idea we’d be expanding due to Big12 expansion…which fell through. No idea what the plan is now.