Is Boise State ready to make a move?

I searched but did not see posted and couldn’t find our realignment thread. Figured this could use its own thread.

Some highlights from the article:

“ During a conference call on Jan. 9, Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson told the media that conference members met in December and decided they wanted more equity in future deals.”

“In a statement issued on Friday evening, Boise State admitted it had “some hesitation” about ending its longstanding relationship with ESPN as part of the Mountain West’s new TV rights deal and refuted the conference’s claim that this would be the last time the Broncos’ home games are negotiated separately.”

“ The Mountain West announced its new TV deal on Jan. 9, cutting ESPN out of the mix for regular-season games and handing rights for Boise State home games to Fox and road conference games to CBS Sports, beginning with the 2020 season. ESPN played a pivotal role in making Boise State the national brand it is, but the deal with Fox and CBS apparently was too good to pass up.”

Boise State seems to be on more solid ground. The Mountain West may not want the deal negotiated separately, but they signed the contract they did. I’m glad we told them to kiss off.

Interesting that according to the article that the payout for the Boise State home games remains at $1.8m per year. Not sure why that didn’t go up with everything else.