Is Houston a legitimate playoff contender?

You need to read on to prediction #1, who will win the whole thing:

Spoiler, we are NOT predicted to win.

I’ll take the compliment.

This is calling out no SEC team in the playoff. Zero chance that happens with the SEC love that is out there, although it is good to see the Coogs called out in the mix.

I saw another writup say it as well, thinking that Bama slips some this year, and LSU wins the west but loses the SEC CCG to an eastern team that is not that strong, and no SEC team gets in, but they did not predict us, just that SEC is the 1 P5 left out. I will post it if I can find it again.

Just depends. IF (yuuuuuuuuge IF) we go undefeated; OU and Louisville are Top 10-15, especially if OU wins the Big 12; Cincinnati and our AAC championship game opponent are Top 25; maybe Tulsa and/or Navy, Memphis, SMU are bowl teams; and one or two P5 champions have two losses, it would be pretty tough to keep us out.

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