Is it possible to time travel to Aug 31st?

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And skip July? I enjoy the Tour de France during July. When it ends, I focus on football

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Dr. Brown says so. It’s just a case of coming up with enough gigawatts.

Don’t wish ur life away lol, plus what’s the hurry we aren’t going to win many games this year?

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We might want to with all the hurricanes forecasted.

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If Fritz does what Holgorsen did in 2019 with a bunch of redshirts and blowing games, I will be furious.

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Fritz is NOTHING like Holgorsen.

Based on his track record. I trust Fritz with any decisions he makes at this point

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We aren’t going to be very good but we will be well coached and we will get glimpses of the future. The team will play hard.


I did it through a wormhole. Pearland was there with a sign, “Fire Willy!”


Of course it’s possible. You’re currently traveling in that direction at a rate of 1 second per second.


my birthday? no thank you. turned 40 last year and am ready to stop counting…

This school year has not ended yet. Way too early to plan for the next. I need the summer to decompress and go fishing. That being said, I am really excited about next year.
Volleyball, then football, then basketball